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Aalto University Department of Architecture offers a one year intensive programme focusing on wood and wooden architecture. The Wood Program explores the ecological, technical and architectural properties of wood, providing a thorough and all-round view on the whole chain of wood construction, beginning with the tree in the forest and ending up with an experimental wooden building.

The Wood Program is a unique and challenging one year tuition fee based programme, designed to attract motivated, focused students from around the world to a period of intensive study on wood and the use of wood in a Finnish architectural environment.

The programme is intended for architects and students of architecture, with a Bachelor's degree or at least three years of studies in architecture, landscape architecture or related fields. The language of instruction is English.

The Wood Program deals with the following topics:

  1. The ecological importance of forests and wood
  2. The technical properties of wood
  3. Wood as a building material
  4. The tradition of wooden buildings
  5. The maintenance and renovation of wooden buildings
  6. Wood in the built environment
  7. Modern wood architecture

The Wood Program lectures create a theoretical background. Design projects are practical, the emphasis is put on personal tutoring. Apart from the courses, more versatile learning is offered through i.e. excursions to wood industry, to various wooden buildings and to wooden housing areas. Visits and discussions with selected design and planning offices form an important part in the education process. The programme is realised in cooperation with the Wood Technology Laboratory and The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The Wood Program studies take place in the Department of Architecture, in an inspiring Otaniemi campus milieu with Alvar Aalto designed department premises and with well equipped studio spaces and workshops.

All Wood Program studies are officially registered, transferable, they will give a WP certificate and master level credits worth of 30 ECTS minimum per term, 60 ECTS per year.

For the study schedule and the credits earned in the different courses, please look under:

Outline of studies

Information on how to apply

The Wood Program studies are part of the International Architecture Program.


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